Finding Excellent Brake Service


There are certain things in life that are just smart things to do, that are common sense. The dryer you put your clothes in should dry your clothes, the freezer in your kitchen should keep your food frozen, and the brakes on your car should always keep you safe. It just makes sense! This is why it's so important to stay on top of regular brake service and brake repairs at a trusted auto repair shop. Though they are built to be tough, the brakes on your vehicle will still be put through a lot over time and the wear and tear will begin to compromise the integrity of the quality. It's helpful to have a team of expert professionals take a look every once in awhile to help keep your brakes functioning the way they are supposed to be and that they continue to keep you and everyone around you as safe as possible.

Brake Pad Repair

One of the most important reasons to have your brakes regularly inspected by a team of expert auto technicians is they can keep a close eye on the state of your brake pads. As you place more and more miles on your vehicle and use your brakes a great deal, the brake pads will be placed under an increasing amount of pressure, literally. This pressure, over time, will begin to wear away the brake pads making them less effective and potentially problematic. Since the brake pads act as a buffer between the working metal parts it helps prevent any costly damage from occurring. However, if the brake pads become too thin they will stop doing their job and you might begin to see some damage arising. Regular brake service will help you avoid this!

Hear Something Squeaky?

If you're looking out for clues that your brake pads may be wearing a little thin, one of the warning signs is if you begin to hear a squealing noise when you start to brake. This sound will be all too familiar to anyone who has ever been stuck behind an old semi-truck on the road, their loud brakes screeching any time they begin to slow down. This squealing sound can be an indication that those vital brake pads have worn down to a problematic degree of thinness and metal is now rubbing against metal. If you begin to hear a troubling new sound every time you brake it's essential that you bring your vehicle into a nearby auto repair shop where the auto technicians can take a look at your brakes and make sure everything is in the best possible condition it can be.

Having a vehicle with a healthy set of brakes is like making sure your refrigerator is keeping everything cold: it's just common sense. The brakes on your vehicle are there to keep you and everyone around you as safe as possible. This is why it's so important to know of a full service auto repair shop that specializes in all brake services to ensure your vehicle is always in the best shape possible. If you are in need of high quality brake service in Fitchburg get in touch with our team here at Tom's Automotive at (978) 331-1257 right away! Our team of highly skilled auto technicians understand how important a healthy set of brakes is to your safety and we are here to make sure you get the brake repair and service you deserve.

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Written By Brian Corey

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