4 Signs it is Time for Suspension Repair


4 Signs it is Time for Suspension RepairThe suspension system in your car, truck or SUV serves a few important purposes. Besides creating a comfortable ride, it also ensures a safe one by keeping all four wheels on the ground when traveling over all types of terrain, allowing for full braking power at all times. Additionally it prevents your vehicle from rolling while cornering. Your vehicle can be very unsafe to drive if it has suspension that is not in good shape. Be aware of these tell tale signs of suspension problems and if you experience any be sure to make an appointment with you local auto repair shop right away.

Oily Struts

Shocks absorbers and struts use a special oil to ensure your ride remains smooth. If you notice your vehicle bouncing up and down check your shocks to see if they have oil on them. If they do it is likely that it is leaking from the absorbers and causing additional play in the suspension.

Rolling Sensation

If you get the sensation that the car is going to roll, spin out or just not go where you want it to while traveling around a corner it can often be attributed to suspension issues. This happens if the anti-sway bar, a part of the suspension system, fails, as it is what shifts the vehicle's center of gravity while maneuvering around corners.

One Corner of the Car Seems Lower

Does one corner of our car look lower than the rest but the tires all seem to be holding air? This is likely caused by failing suspension components located near that particular corner of the vehicle. This sort of suspension failure can cause your vehicle to drift and cause accelerated tire wear.

Bounce Test

If you think that you're having suspension issues one of the quickest ways to tell is by performing a bounce test. Push on the hood or trunk of the car a couple times. The vehicle should return to its normal, stagnant position within two or three bounces. If it continues to bounce your springs or other suspension parts are likely worn out and need to be replaced.

Don't delay fixing suspension problems as these parts play an important role in keeping you safe as you drive down the highway. For expert suspension repair in Fitchburg head to Tom's Automotive. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable by providing you with quality auto repair! Give us a call at (978) 331-1257 to request superior auto repair in Fitchburg today.

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