Important Auto Maintenance: Oil Changes


Important Auto Maintenance: Oil ChangesMany services that are required of today's vehicles, such as radiator flushes or automatic transmission services, are only necessary every 30,000 miles or so for most vehicles, but it is widely recommended that oil is changed at least every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. While this may seem quite often for a vehicle service, it is incredibly important to ensure that you never hold your car back from the fresh oil it so desperately needs for too many extra miles. An oil change will restore power and fuel efficiency as well as perform these other vital functions that prevent engine damage.

Prevents Engine Gunk

As an engine operates an accumulation of dirt, grime, metal flakes and other contamination occurs within the engine. As the oil circulates it picks up these particles, leaving them in the oil filter as it flows through it. When oil is changed the filter is also replaced, thus removing all the grime that it has collected. The old oil that is drained and has not yet dropped off the particles in the filter or contains bits too small to be collected by it are also removed, essentially cleaning out the inside of the engine.

Operating Temperature Regulation

Engine oil has the ability to engine heat, allowing it to assist the cooling system in lowering engine temperature during operation. As oil ages it breaks down and can no longer perform this function, and instead it can begin radiating heat, which can cause an increase in engine temperature, resulting in the possibility of overheating. Additionally, proper lubrication reduces friction in the motor, which of course reduces the amount of heat being produced. While engine temperature regulation is by no means the primary function of oil, it is a valuable asset to a hard working engine.

Enhances & Restores Lubrication

The most important reason to get an oil change is to ensure that your engine's moving parts are properly lubricated. If an engine does not have a proper amount of oil in it then excessive metal on metal contact will occur between the moving parts. This can lead to extreme engine damage or even complete failure. Fresh engine oil keeps your pistons pumping with minimal friction to ensure a smooth ride.

If you're due for an oil change don't delay heading to the auto repair shop right away. All vehicles need oil changes in order to offer peak performance. For an oil change in Fitchburg, MA, bring your car or truck to Tom's Automotive. Our team of dedicated automotive technicians will ensure your car is safe and reliable. For any type of auto maintenance in Fitchburg, you can count on Tom's. To schedule an appointment call (978) 331-1257 today.

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