5 Tips to Increase Your MPGs Today


Increase Your MPGs TodayWe've witnessed gas prices fall in recent months, but as great as that is it does not mean drivers shouldn't be maintaining their cars in an effort to get the highest miles per gallon possible. With regular care and maintenance you can greatly improve your car, truck or SUV's mileage. If you're ready to spend less time at the gas station and more time on the highway be sure to put these fuel saving tips into practice!

Clean Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what creates the tiny explosions necessary to pump the pistons up and down, which in turn creates the power that eventually turns your tires. The spark ignites a mix of air and fuel, so if the plugs become dirty it can cause misfiring, which is a huge waste of gas, seeing as spark plugs can fire millions of times in just 1,000 miles. Consult your owners manual to learn how often the manufacturer recommends you have them replaced.

Correct Fuel Grade

Don't be tempted by gas that is 10 cents cheaper if your car requires mid grade or better. Using the wrong type of gasoline in your vehicle can be detrimental to its fuel efficiency and potentially cause other issues with the engine.

Tight Gas Cap

If your car has a cracked or broken gas cap, or if it is missing altogether, you're allowing your gasoline to evaporate out of the filler tube before you even get a chance to use it. Make sure your gas cap is tight every time you leave the pump!

Tire Inflation

Driving a vehicle with under-inflated tires can drop fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent. This is because it takes more power in order to get the soft rubber to roll. You can find your tire's air pressure rating in the owner's manual or often times it listed on the driver's side door jamb. Most gas stations have an air pump that is also a PSI meter, which is the air pressure rating, perfect for checking your tires inflation level.

New Air Filter

One of the easiest and most important maintenance services you can do for your car is providing it with a clean air filter. Your car runs on a mixture of air and gas, and if air can't make it to the combustion chamber because of a clogged filter your car will compensate by burning excess gasoline.

There are many things that can cause a drop in MPGs so if you find yourself at the gas station more often than you use to it is important to have an auto repair technician take a peek at your car to find out what is causing the loss in fuel efficiency. If you need help with these tips or other auto maintenance in Fitchburg bring your vehicle to Tom's Automotive. We service all import and domestic vehicles, including commercial fleets and off road vehicles. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality auto repair in Fitchburg and all our work is backed by a nationwide warranty. Make an appointment with Tom's by calling (978) 331-1257 today!

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