Why does My Car Need the Oil Changed?


When a vehicle is first being designed the engineers take into consideration the types of maintenance each and every part will need throughout the vehicle's life. This includes services such as replacing belts and hoses, brake service and of course oil changes. That last one is a very important service that needs to be done much more often than most other types of maintenance that your car, truck or SUV will need. For most vehicles oil changes need to be completed between every 3,000 and 7,500 miles, but be sure to check your owner's manual for the correct interval for your car. These are three of the most important reasons to get your oil changed at the scheduled time.

Helps lower the engine operating temperature

It is important to have your oil changed on time to help keep your engine operating temperature lower. Oil is able to regulate the temp by ensuring that there is not excessive heat produced due to unnecessary friction between the moving parts. Engine oil is also engineered to be able to absorb heat, and as it ages it loses its ability to do this and may actually reflect heat if it is not changed, causing the engine temperature to rise. While the cooling system can generally take care of this job on it's own, the excess heat can in effect put your motor at risk of overheating.

Removes engine grime

During operation of the engine it can become contaminated with dirt, dust, metal flakes and other debris that will cause issues for the vehicle. As the oil circulates through the engine it picks up these different substances which results in the normally silky liquid to become sludge like. This thick oil makes it difficult for the engine to operate and can cause it to lack power and suffer from a major decrease in fuel efficiency. During an oil change the old oil is drained out of the car, thus removing all this sludge. When new oil is added and a new oil filter is installed your engine power and fuel economy will be restored.

Ensures proper engine lubrication

Of course the most important thing about getting your oil changed on time is that it ensures that your motor is properly lubricated. Engines that do not have proper lubrication will suffer from harsh metal on metal contact during operation. This will result in major wear and tear of parts that will eventually require extensive repair, or perhaps even an engine replacement. To avoid expensive and unnecessary repair bills be sure to change the oil on time, every time.

Is important to keep up with all of your vehicle's maintenance needs, especially oil changes. While it may seem like a service that is done too frequently, you'll be left with a beat up engine if you do not perform this vital service. If you need an oil change in Fitchburg visit Tom's Automotive. Our experienced staff of auto repair technicians can perform any repair or maintenance service your import or domestic vehicle need! To make an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Fitchburg call Tom's at (978) 331-1257 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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