Scheduled Maintenance: Why It's Important


You'd be hard pressed to find a driver who doesn't hope for their vehicle to last a long time and always be ready to take them where they need to go. However, a car, truck, or SUV doesn't just naturally last a long time. It requires regular maintenance and repairs done by a team of properly trained auto mechanics, like the team you'll find at Tom's Automotive. One of the best ways to ensure any necessary maintenance is properly attended to, it's essential you stay on top on your scheduled maintenance appointments. When you get the help of an auto repair center that can help with scheduled maintenance you can catch any potential issues that might become larger problems down the road.


When it comes to the important maintenance that can help keep your vehicle running mile after mile, some drivers simply don't know when it would make sense to have the car, truck, or SUV checked out. However, the general rule of thumb is to have a vehicle provided with maintenance every 30,000 miles. There are important milestones your vehicle hits, and every 30,000 marker means there are specific parts that require inspection from a team of expertly trained auto technicians. Though it varies from one vehicle to the next, each manufacturer ensures that the vital parts and systems get a thorough inspection at these crucial points in a vehicle's lifespan. Whether you have the battery inspected, fluids flushed, or the engine looked at, it's imperative that you never miss a scheduled maintenance appointment.

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Just because you know you're supposed to bring your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance in the next 30,000 miles doesn't mean you should ignore the signs of other issues at other times. It's important that you pay close attention to any strange or concerning behaviors or changes should they arise. For example, if you notice that your vehicle is making strange sounds every time you try and accelerate, you notice an excess of smoke coming from your exhaust, or your air conditioner simply isn't working as well anymore, these are all important moments to bring your vehicle to an auto repair center where a team of experts can take a close look. Only with proper inspection can you truly know why these issues have arisen and figure out how to quickly get a solution put in place.

While most people know that regular maintenance is important in order to keep a car, truck, or SUV in top condition at all times, it's not always as easy for people to remember to make an appointment. With the right auto repair center by your side you can ensure that you are able to stay on top of scheduled maintenance appointments and any necessary repairs that might be important. This is the best way to ensure all the vital working parts stay working. If you are in need of scheduled maintenance in Fitchburg you've got to get a hold of our team of experts here at Tom's Automotive at (978) 331-1257 right away! Whether you need your engine checked out, your fluid levels inspected, or your brakes repaired, the right team of professionally trained technicians can ensure your vehicle is always ready to go the extra mile.

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Written By Brian Corey

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